Winooski Circle Arts: A cooperative store

Winooski circle arts 41 Main Street Winooski VTWinooski Circle Arts is a cooperative store in beautiful downtown Winooski, Vermont. We feature the best in local art, artist made goods, home & personal accessories and comestibles.

As of Jan 15th Winooski Circle Arts will no longer be at our 41 Main Street location. Big changes in the tenancy of the Hall Keen building mean that we must move. We look at this as a good thing for Winooski - it's becoming more desirable as a culture destination and some wonderful, amazing local businesses are moving into the formerly empty storefronts. 

We are currently in negotions for a new retail venue in Winooski...fingers crossed. No spoilers, but it will be better and smaller. Stay tuned here or on our FACEBOOK page for updates. 

We are also actively forming our Cooperative. Again, details to be announced as they happen over the next couple of weeks...months. We are looking forward to this next phase of being a member owned entity, and we hope you are too.


Hours: vary for now as we clear out artist and showroom inventory.  Please check our facebook page for daily updates: 

Click on the headers above to read more about our artists, how to find us, and to go to our Facebook Page. And remember to keep scrolling down to see blog posts. 


We have such good artists here!

Here are some more of the fabulous pieces we have for sale. Just come on in and take a look.


Henry Jerome Washington, sweetgrass basket, winooski circle arts, vermont
Henry Jerome Washington and Sweetgrass Basket

Henry Jerome Washington with one of his gorgeous Sweetgrass Baskets, which he makes in the tradition passed down to him through generations of his family in South Carolina. The art and tradition of Sweet Grass basket making was brought over by enslaved people from West Africa, and still practiced today in South Carolina. We are more than pleased that Henry Jerome Washington is continuing this art in Winooski, with raw materials sourced and shipped by his family in S. Carolina.


winooski circle arts. Turned wooden bowl by Hounds Bay Woodworking. Winooski Vermont art.
Hounds Bay Woodworking, turned bowl.

 Hounds Bay Woodworking is Dennis Grage, who works out of his studio in Underhill, Vermont. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Dennis studied at Central Washington University, where he majored in fine arts with an emphasis in sculpture and ceramics, obtaining a degree in 1970.


silver pendant, bella bueno, winooski circle arts, vermont
Silver pendant by Bella Bueno

Bella Bueno was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1997, she moved to the United States to study at the North Bennet Street School in Boston, where she received her degree in Jewelry Design. Her Swedish background provides her greatest inspiration for the jewelry she designs.


Liza Ciano Grey August 11, 8x10 guache, watercolor, ink, graphite on paper, winooski circle arts, vermont
Elizabeth Ciano. Grey, August 11.

8×10, gouache, watercolor, ink, graphite on paper. Elizabeth works in her studio in Vermont.

In addition to being an inspiring artist, Elizabeth is also an amazing retail space designer and curator. Weller, her former store on Church Street Burlington, VT, was one of the best. Simple, sophisticated and beautiful, Weller sold mid twentieth century home goods and accessories. We miss it. 


 casey blanchard, monoprint, winooski circle arts, vermont
Casey Blanchard, monoprint, "In The Bag."

Casey Blanchard makes monoprints in her studio in Burlington, Vermont. We had a hard time deciding which ones to carry, they are all so beautiful. 


Earrings at winooski circle arts, vermont.
Assortment of earrings at Winooski Circle Arts

We carry earrings by Longina Smolinski, Alex Costantino and Terry Zigmund.

Some of our artists.

 Here's a quick tour of a few of the items we've got for sale now. 

Winooski circle arts woolymama and bruce beggren. Photo ©Liza Cowan
Pillows by Wooly Mama Fiber Art and bowl by Bryce Beggren.
Alex costantino vases winooski circle
Sgraffito vases by Alix Costantino
AO! Glass vase photo ©Liza Cowan
Blue spotted vase by AO! Glass.
Hat by Swan&Stone Millinery at Winooski Circle Arts. Photo ©Liza cowan
Dapper hat by Swan&Stone Millinery.

Winooski circle arts plastic hand formed heart longina smolinski. Photo ©Liza cowan
Hand formed plastic earrings by Longina Smolnski.

Winooski circle arts cappy by Karen Arp-Sandel. Photo ©Liza Cowan
Cappy by Karen Arp-Sandel

jello placemats made by Flashbags for Small Equals. Photo ©Liza cowan
Jell-O placemats. Made by Flashbags for Small Equals.
Winooski circle arts nail pattern boldness blues
Polish by Nail Pattern Boldness.