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DAQ #5, 1977. Lesbian Hoboes by JR Roberts with illustrations by Roberta Gregory

 DYKE, A Quarterly #5, 1977,  featured this historical essay by JR Roberts, with illustrations by Roberta Gregory. Click images to enlarge.

"While reading the book, Sisters Of The Road: The Autobiography of Box Car Bertha (1937) I came across more than a dozen references to Lesbians during the 1920’s and 1930’s. While this life story of Bertha Thompson, as told to Dr. Ben L. Reitman, presents a negative and stereotypical view of Lesbians, it does provide the only references I have uncovered so far which document the existence of numerous and visible Lesbian hoboes during this period. After peeling away the stereotypes there wasn’t much substance left, so I began an investigation to learn more about their lives as women and as Lesbians during those Depression years. This article is the result of that beginning investigation, an investigation which I now consider an on-going project."


DAQ Lesbian Hoboes, JR Roberts, illustrations by Roberta Gregory ©Tomato Publications 1977, DYKE A  Quarterly



DAQ Lesbian hoboes JR Roberts illustrations Roberta Gregory ©tomato publications Dyke a quarterly 1977 pp 38, 39


DAQ Lesbian Hoboes JR Roberts, illustrations Roberta Gregory ©Tomato Publications DYKE A Quarterly 1977 pages 40 and 41


DAQ lesbian hoboes jr roberts,illustrations by Roberta Gregory. ©Tomoato Publications Dyke a quarterly 1977 pp 42 43

DAQ lesbian hoboes JR Roberts,illustrations by Roberta Gregor ©Tomoato Publications Dyke a quarterly 1977 pp 44 45


DAQ lesbian hoboes JR Roberts, ilustrations by Roberta Gregory ©Tomato Publications Dyke a quarterly 1977 pp 46 47

DAQ lesbian hoboes JR Roberts, illustrations by Roberta Gregory ©Tomato Publications Dyke a quarterly 1977 pp 48 49


DAQ lesbian hoboes JR Roberts, illustrations by Roberta Gregory ©Tomaoto publications Dyke a quarterly p 50


JR Roberts (aka Barbara Henry) is a Lesbian Librarian who founded The New Alexandria Women's Library in Chicago,within the Lesbian Feminist Center, in 1974. She is also the author of Black Lesbians,  An Annotated Bibliography, Naiad Press 1981. Forward by Barbara Smith. 



Roberta Gregory lives in Seattle Washington and is responsible for a lot of comics over the years. Best known for "Bitchy Bitch" and "Bitchy Butch" characters and is currently working on Mother Mountain and True Cat Toons. Visit and

She was also a contributing artist to DYKE, A Quarterly. 


DYKE A Quarterly, no. 5. Fall, 1977. Back Cover


DAQ back cover no 5 1977 photo ©Irene Young

DYKE A Quarterly No. 5, Back Cover, Photo by Irene Young. 1977 @Tomato Publications. T-shirt design by Jymme Golden.


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Photo by Irene Young


Typewriter marks end of original story

We proposed an issue on Lesbian media. It was going to be issue No. 7. The magazine folded before we could publish it, which is a great shame. Irene Young took these amazing photographs so at least we have this stunning graphic.


Xx DYKE A QUARTERLY flier womens buttons photo irene young 

Inside front cover, DYKE A Quarterly No 5. 1977. Photo by Irene Young. @Tomato Publications

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