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DYKE A QUARTERLY Issue No. 3, 1976. pp 44,45 Emotional Life Insurance

Emotional Life Insurance Certificate, DYKE A Quarterly #3, 1976
Emotional Life Insurance Certificate
Emotional Life Insurance Certificate. DYKE A Quarterly #3

Written by Janet Meyers


Maybe the problem isn't with you or your loved ones, maybe you need the


For the Lesbian who wants to insure to be sure

NOW AVAILABLE: NO FAULT INSURANCE Covering relationships which terminate with the acknowledgement of suffering by all parties; when all agree that "it was just one of those things."

Specializing in:

*High risk non-monogamous relationships: those relationships which direct attention and energy towards more than one lover.

*High risk monogamous relationships: those relationships which direct all attention and energy toward one lover.

*High risk high-intensity relationships: those relationships demanding a level of involvement which challenges emotional and physical endurance.

*High risk cross-class relationships: those relationships which seek to transcend the boundaries of class/race which have been created by 40,000 years of patriarchal oppression

*High risk class bound relationships: those relationships which seek to reinforce the class attitudes and comfortable prejudices of each partner.

*High risk astrologically incompatible signs relationships: those relationships which fly in the face of all astro-logical guidelines.

*High risk low intensity relationships: those relationships which seek to perpetuate themselves despite the evidence that "it's no big thing"


GRIEF COUNSELLING: rebuilding shattered egos, with your choice of therapeutic techniques:

1. Radical

2. Reichian

3. Rolfing

4. TA

5. Herbal

6. Acupuncture

7. Peer Counseling

8. Gestalt

9. CR




In cases where patriarchal oppression proves to be fatal to the relationship, EMOTIONAL LIFE will provide rage therapy and training in retaliatory tactics.

In instances of loss or damage of relationship due to theft, geographic separation, political differences or cosmic or karmic disaster, EMOTIONAL LIFE will provide you with an interim companion on a per Diem basis to tide you over until your next insurable romance.

Our special Lesbian representative will help you in gaining the the necessary skills in:

1. Bar room chatter

2. Politically correct statement of every persuasion for every occasion.

3. Choosing the right "look" for your community.


Ask about special low rates for Lesbians with proven long-term relationship ability.

Group plans available. Write for our threesome rates.

Lower rates for women with Community-approved credentials in communication skills (verbal, sexual or psychic.)

EMOTIONAL LIFE  is an equal opportunity employer of B/F.

EMOTIONAL LIFE reserves the right to cancel policies at any time at the slightest provocation


DYKE A Quarterly Issue No 3, pp 46,47, Reviews

Dyke No 3 p 46, review of Sex Variant Women In Literature Jeanette foster written by Penny House

Dyke No 3 p 47 Review To The Man Reporter From the Denver Post, Chocolate Waters and Linda Shear by Elana Dykewomon

Review of Sex Varient Women in Literature by Jeanette Foster. Review by Penny House.


" The book is divided up by century and by country. In a succinct and interesting way, Jeanette Foster summarizes the plots of each piece, analyzing the way in which the Lesbian characters are presented. She sketches out each period's political and scientific climate and this plus her analysis of the character presentation ennable her to give a vivid portraid of the particular social atmosphere surrounding Lesbians of each period."


Linda Shear/Lesbian Portrait. Review by Elana Dykewomon


"Linda Shear in concert has literally changed Lesbians' lives, my own included. She was one of the guiding energies behind Family Of Woman band (and sings "Family of Woman" near the end of the tape-not our present reality but a direction for our future) the first out front Lesbian band in the world. But then, as now, it was difficult to find women who support and sponsor all-women's concerts. "



 Glory be to youtube, you can now hear Linda online.

DYKE A Quarterly, no. 3, pp 48/49 - Reviews: Hysterical Hystoricals

Dyke No 3 p 48 reviews
DYKE A Quarterly No. 3. p. 48. Reviews of Linda Shear and The Performance at Grace & Rubies CLICK TO ENLARGE


Dyke No 3 p 49 reviews
DYKE A Quarterly No. 3 p. 49. Review of Hysterical Hystoricals, Lesbian Connection, Dynamite Damsels CLICK TO ENLARGE



Hysterical Hystoricals: A Lesbian-Feminist Revue

 Written and produced by: IV Women Productions; Doreen DiBiagio, Chris Larkin, Robyn Lutsky, Joanne Schumann. Directed by Margueite McLaughlin. Music by Robyn Lutsky. Musical arrangements Kathi Sheer. Orchestration by Roberta Kosse. Musical direction by Robyn Lutsky and Kath Sheer. Lighting design by Shelly Blue, Dreen DiBiagio and Debbie Wieser. Set design by Doreen DiBiagio. Costumes by Louise Martinez. Choreography by Murphy Cross. Musicians: Mrj Conn, Robyn Lutsky, Natash Olate, Kathi Sheer, Alina Trobridge. Cast: Kathy Tedeschi, Marge Helenchild, Jan Goldman, JoAnn Starkey, Lillian Engelson, Doreen DiBiagia, Chris Larkin and Robyn Lutsky.


We were just talking about how nice it would be to see a Lesbian musical play when the fleer for Hysterical Hystoricals came in the mail. Of course we ordered tickets and went to see the play during Lesbian Pride Week in New York City.


How nice it was to go into the little theater with real theater seats and a real stage. It was exciting to sit and wait for it all to begin, watching the heater fill up with Dykes, all different types of Dykes, some scruffy movement Dykes, some not scruffy movement Dykes, and several women wearing bouffant hairdos and shell tops. I never see these kind of women at most Lesbian events, and it was a pleasure to see them at the theater.


We read the program and then the lights dimmed and the orchestra began the overture. It was great. We had been listening to Guys and Dolls and Oklahoma for months and it was a thrill to listen to the overture of a real Dyke musical. The play began. It was a series of short skits, commemorating the bicentennial, sort of, but mostly commemorating Dykes. Queen Isabella and Christina Columbus are having  lovers spat. Christina goes off to sail around the world with her all women crew. In a later skit, “Sappho’s Hideaway” Christina has discovered the New World in a women’s bar in Flatbush. The year is 1493. “I’m always late” says Christina “We had to start without you” they say. In another skit, Ms. Grossinger negotiates a deal to by Manhattan for Ms. Rockerfeller. In a ballroom scene all ten Dykes in the cast are wearing long ball gowns, singing and dancing with each other. The look terrific, hairy arpits, cowboy boots and all. They give an award to Zero, who does underground work with women. She always leaves the mark of Zero. She is a klutz.


In the old West, two cowbutches are planning a showdown gunfight to see who will wind the femme. The femme becomes disgusted, “You’re a mean and ornery critter, Calra mae” she said. “Neither of you can win me.” And she goes off with another femme.


The skits were all well done & very funny. Sometimes it was a little hard to hear the lyrics to the songs, but we were sitting right next to the drum. The music was well arranged, catchy, well played and hummable. The costumes were funny and funky. Everything was good. The show was entertaining and inspiring as well. It was truly a pleasure to spend an evening at Dyke Theater. By Liza Cowan

DYKE A Quarterly, No. 3, pp.50 + inside back cover: ADS


Dyke a quarterly no 3 pp 50 and inside back cover ads DYKE A Quarterly, No. 2 p. 50 + inside back cover, ads

TEXT OF ADS in gray, indended. Commentary follows.

Living With Lesbians

Women’s Wax Works A002

An Uncommon Musical Adventure with Alix Dobkin & Friends

Livingwithlesbians Living With Lesbians was the second album from Alix Dobkin. Like her first album, Lavender Jane Loves Women, this one had two versions of a cover. This was the first. Most women found it threatening although we were really just raking apples at the farm. Pictured are left to right, Mary, Smokey, Alix, Penny House and Liza Cowan. Photo by Ginger Legato. Design by Aenjai Graphics.

This album has been blogged about a lot, mostly showing how awful, funny, wierd, it is. Worst record album cover etc. We loved it, but the people spoke and we listened. We made a new cover for the next pressing.


266-1 This cover sold well. Photo of Alix Dobkin and the dog Three Maple Betsey Booper (aka Saint Betsey) , photo by LIza Cowan.

Of course, there were always Dykes who loved the first cover, as well as the second. See QueerMusicHeritage

 Also Lavender Jane Loves Women

Women’s Wax Works A001

 $6 Each (includes postage) Make check payable to

Project No. 1 Preston Hollow NY 123469


Alix-dobkin-lavendar-jane-loves-women Lavender Jane Loves Women was Alix's groundbreaking first album. Never before in the history of the world had there been an album made entirely by women. The musicians, the engineer, even the vinyl pressers were women (although the vinyl pressing company was male owned - the only part of the whole process for which we couldn't find a woman - owned company. But the actual pressers were women. We met them. And, equally important, the album was conceived for an audience of women. Also groundbreaking.


For the first pressing, the abums were shipped to us in plain white sleeves. We had a work party where half a dozen women came over to our apartment and sat around the living room R-150-1490532-1223777275 rubber cementing the 12x12 printed paper of the cover art, which was a drawing by Alix. I'm sure there was lots of food, probably a joint or two passed around and lots of good laughs and hard work. Now that's a collector's item.

The second cover came a few years later. Design by LIza Cowan, photo using Mita 900-D copier and cut-out heart. Liza's hand. I don't remember why we changed the art.



Dobkin400_10 Alix released her memoir, My Red Blood, in the Spring of 2010. The last chapters chronicle the time leading up to the release of Lavender Jane Loves Women. Published by Alyson Books you can buy it from them if your local bookstore doesn't carry it. Alyson Books




  Limited supply available:

The Flying Lesbians

German record album

Send $6 to : Project #1

Preston Hollow, NY 12469

Logo163X200 The Flying Lesbians was a Lesbian Rock Band from Germany.

You can read about them HERE

When band members Monika Jaekel and Monica Savier came to the States, they stayed with us. Later, Alix toured Europe with them.


Feminist Books and Periodicals

Booklist Available

Mail Orders

9 East 5th Street

Tempe AZ 85201

One of the many women's bookstores that peppered the landscape in the 1970's Womansplace no longer exists. Any information about it is welcome. Just drop a line in the comment box.



A women’s press collective for 3 ½ years- formerly Mother Jones Press

‘wimmin printing for wimmin

lesbian publishing


design layout offset printing binding sipping

write or call for an estimate

mail to: c/o WIT Inc P.O.. Box 745, Northampton MA


Deliver to: 19 Hawley St. Northampton MA, Rear Building

See Elana Dykewoman, here and here








I asked asked the CLGA- Canadian Lesbian and Gay archives if they had some infromation on Long Time Coming. They had a response for me within hours. Archivist RULE! Thanks to Elizabeth Bailey at CLGA and Michelle Schwartz who supplied the following information:

From Never Going Back by Tom Warner, page 83

"A few months after its founding, some members of Montreal Gay Women began publishing Long Time Coming, the first regularly produced publication exclusively for lesbians in Canada. Long Time Coming found a receptive readership that stretched across North America. But, in testament to the times, none of the women involved allowed her real name to be published. In all, Long Time Coming produced approximately twenty issues from June 1973 until it folded in 1976."

The citation given for this is: Laura Yaros, "Long Time Coming: Long Time Gone," Amazones d'Hier: Lesbiennes d'Aujourd'hui, vol. 5, March 1988.

From Lesbian and Gay Liberation in Canada: A Selected Chronology, 1964-1975 by Don McLeod, page 130

"July, 1973. Montreal. The first issue of Long Time Coming was published by Montreal Gay Women. Edited by Jackie Manthorne, this was the first lesbian journal published in Canada. Long Time COming contained news, poetry, opinion pieces, book reviews, advertisements, and listings. It ceased publication in April-May 1976, after twenty issues."

The citation given for this:

Margaret Fulford, ed. The Canadian Women's Movement, 1960-1990: A Guide to Archival Resources/Le mouvement de femmes, 1960-199: guide de resources archivistiques (Toronto: Canadian Women's Movement Archives/ECW Press, 1992), Entry 618.

Don McLeod's book is available for free as a pdf from the University of Toronto website.

White Mare Buttons in DYKE A Quarterly 1976A You're An Amazon button by White Mare Inc

Buttons by white mare inc

For more on White Mare Buttons see HERE

Ad they will know me by my teeth elana dykewomon
ad for Riverfinger Women by Elana Dykewomon

For more on Elana Dykewomon see HERE and HERE



DYKE A Quarterly no. 3 p. 51: ADS

Dyke No 3 p 51
DYKE A  Quarterly No. 3, p. 51, ADS

Text of Ads- in gray, indented. Commentary follows.

White Mare Inc.
I Like Older Women,
3 color button, 1  ¼” diameter. Also available, Mother Nature Is a Lesbian and A You’re An Amazon. From White Mare, Box 90, Preston Hollow Y 12469. 55c each. New York residents add state and local sales tax.
 A You’re An Amazon
Mother Nature is a Lesbian.


Buttons by white mare inc

White Mare was the button and graphics company owned and run by me, Liza Cowan. I've written about my button company at my art blog HERE

Notice the Medusa button on the upper left. Medusa was a big theme for Lesbians. She was a Gorgon, a fierce fighting woman, who turned men to stone if they dared take a peek at her. The Medusa button shown here was drawn by cartoonist Roberta Gregory.

White Mare Buttons, direct image on Mita 900-D photocopier by Liza Cowan







They Will Know Me By My Teeth  By Elana Dykewoman

Author of Riverfinger Women

Megara Press

To be Sold and Shared With Women Only



Elana dykewoman they will know me by my teeth See Elana Dykewoman's website HERE

and Wikipedia entry HERE









Come to Womencrafts

Unique and beautiful work

Handcrafted by New England Women


Yhst-21813777465723_2121_11048983 Womancrafts is still in Business in Provincetown.

Here's their website.

Go see them if you are in P'Town.


Sistersilver is Back
Fine handmade sterling silver jewelry: Lesbian symbos, rings, bacelets, etc. Free Brochure. Lesbians only. M’lou Brubaker, Chicago


LadyslipperSet M'Lou is also still in business. See her website HERE


Ladyslipper pendant and earrings by M'Lou Brubaker




Interesting. Everyone on this page is still in business doing the same thing, more or less, that they were doing 35 years ago. I'm still doing graphic design, creating product and selling retail. Elana is still writing and publishing, M'Lou is still making and selling jewelry and Womancrafts is still in business. What's up with that?? I'm impressed.

DYKE A Quarterly, No 3, 1976, Back Cover

Dyke No3 p 52
DYKE A Quarterly, Issue #3, 1976,  Back Cover Drawing by Liza Cowan

Text from issue

DYKE, a quarterly magazine of Lesbian Culture and analysis, is searching for an original poster design by a Lesbian. We will select a poster design which we will print and distribute as our first anniversary issue. Winter 1976-1977

Influence of Aspen Magazine

220px-Aspen3 It had always been our intention to vary the format of DYKE, A Quarterly. We were influenced by Aspen Magazine, founded in 1965 by Phyllis Johnson, a former editor of Women's Wear Daily and Advertising Age. In 1965 we were still Juniors in high school, but someone in one of our familes or a frend's family had a subsciription, which we'd gleefulley read.

"Each issue came in a customized box filled with booklets, phonograph recordings, posters, postcards - one issue even included a spool of Super-8 movie film.

"While wintering in Aspen, Colorado, she got the idea for a multi media magazine, designed by artists, that would showcase 'culture along with play.' So in the winter of  1965 she published her first issue. 'We wanted to get away from the bound magazine format, which is really quite restrictive,' said Johnson

"Each issue had a new designer and editor. 'Aspen,' Johnson said, should be a time capsule of a certain period, point of view, or person.' " Aspen stopped publishing in 1971.  SOURCE

Aspen Vol 1 #3 1966, Andy Warhol and David Dalton


The DYKE Poster

We decided that our first foray into a different format would be a poster. We both loved the poster format. There were Lesbians working as poster designers at the time, notably The Chicago Women's Graphics Collective whose work we admired greatly.

Poster by The Chicago Women's Graphics Collective

Rather than commissioning a poster from the Graphics Collective, we decided to open it up to our readers as a competition. We advertised with a flier, sent around the country to individuals and Lesbian venues, as well as the back page of Issue No. 4.


The graphic on both is by Liza Cowan, using an resist technique of poster paint and India Ink. And yes, it was supposed to look somewhat like a WANTED poster.


Dyke poster design
Flier for DYKE A Quarterly Poster Issue. 1976, design and drawing by Liza Cowan.



DYKE A Quarterly, No 3: Cover, Alice Austen

DYKE A Quarterly #3 Cover, - Alice Austen

DYKE A QUARTERLY ISSUE No.3, Photo on cover by Alice Austen. Design by Liza Cowan

We probably first saw  Alice Austen's photographs  at an exhibition of her work at Richmond College in Staten Island, NY. Alice was a pioneer 19th Century photographer who was born and raised in Staten Island. By now everyone pretty much accepts that she was a Lesbian, or a woman who loved women. DYKE A Quarterly was the first periodical to write about her as such.


Alice Austen, from Alice's World by Ann Novotny. Photo 1891

 The text reads, Alice Austen, The Darned Club, Staten Island, New York, October 29, 1891. Left to right: Alice Austen and friends Trude Ecceston, Julia Marsh, and Sue Ripley.


Alice's world Ann Novotny We were smitten with Alice Austen's work as it tied in nicely with our project of bringing art and history to our readers. At the time we were putting together the article for DYKE, we met with Ann Novotny, who was writing a book about Alice. She gave us several prints (reprints...not originals) to work with. Our treatment of this one is based on another love, Japanese Woodblock prints. The staff at Tower Press, the all woman print shop in NYC where we printed the magazine, helped us realize our vision. 


Utigawa Hiroshige, apricot garden, woodblock print Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858) Apricot Garden.


Dyke alice austen chop

We made the title using Letraset presstype, hoping to make it look like a  Chop mark, or seal.