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Why do reviewers ignore online artists and art sites?

These days, galleries and museums are mostly showing their exhibitions online. Of course they have to. At the same time, there are thousands of artists worldwide who have chosen to exhibit their work primarily online, without gallery sanction, because that is how they can reach the widest audience, and because it allows them autonomy and flexibility.
Sometimes artists self publish because they are not good enough to get into a gallery or museum, but much of the time their work is on par or even better than that shown in brick and mortar galleries. Just scan through some artists websites and shops and you will be amazed at the quality of the work.
The art world, even in its most local variety, still chooses to review only the artwork in galleries and museums, while it ignores the work of what might just be called digital galleries, aka websites and online retail art venues. I left the brick and mortar art world several years ago. At first, there was some kind of stigma about showing and selling online. Not that I cared, but I noticed.
But now that the entire art world has moved online I'm waiting for reviewers to pay attention to online artists, not just those with the imprimatur of galleries and museums, but those who have chosen to go rogue, to show their own work, and to sidestep the gallery system. If you write reviews for local, national or international publications or media, I'm urging you to write reviews and to take this branch of the art world seriously, because we are serious.

Interview with Liza Cowan on "The Canteen Podcast" from Paleo Canteen

Liza cowan the future is farmers cup from
The Future is Farmers cup available at Liza's shop


Paleo Canteen is a catering and meal delivery restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland. They cook, package, and deliver high quality paleo meals throughout the UK. The owner/chef is Ally Houston. Ally has a background in science as well as in high end restaurant cooking, and has a lively and inquiring mind. So in addition to running Paleo Canteen, he also produces a podcast, interviewing fascinating people, mostly about sustainable agriculture, cattle and sheep farming, biodiversity, and the impact of food on the health and well being of humans, animals, and the land. As well as what the guest enjoy eating. 

I was honored to be on Ally's podcast, and we had so much fun recording it. It will be available as a video at some point, but right now it's available as a podcast through the Paleo Canteen website, as well as on various streaming services like iTunes, Spotify and others. 


On the website here

on Anchor here 

On streaming services look for The Canteen Podcast


Liza cowan The Canteen Podcast September 2019

Here's some of what we discussed:

  • Veganism, the left, and farming.
  • How Dyke, A Quarterly came about.
  • How the viral sensation of The Future Is Female came about
  • Ketogenic diet for weight loss.
  • Cows and climate change.
  • Regenerative farming history.
  • Propaganda and its place in public debate around nutrition.
  • The reasons that vegetarianism is wrongly associated as progressive.
  • Temple Grandin’s work.
  • Body positivity and fashion.
  • Sustainable fashion including Birdsong and NvBlack.
  • What Liza eats.
  • What Ally eats.


And do check out the other episodes of The Canteen Podcast, including interviews with :

*Dr Liz Genever, sheep and beef consultant,

     on Why We Should Love Our Farmers

*Professor Tim Noakes, The scientist who changed his mind, and how the low carb diet went on trial with him. 

*Professor Ken Stain, The physicist who experimented on himself with low carb nutrition

*Amber O'Hearn, The Carnivore Who Cured her bipolar disorder with a carnivore diet. 

*Andrew Scarborough, Surviving Incurable Brain Cancer

*Dr. Alison Van Eenannaam, on Animal Genetics, Food Marketing, and World Hunger

*Darren McGarvy on poverty, food and addiction


and MORE!

Ladies Are Tamed Women. Be Feral. New cup at small equals

Ladies are tamed women

Ladies are tamed women. Be Feral.  Cup from

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