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 Jello recipe book Lucille Patterson March November 1924

Jello recipe book, 1924, Lucille Patterson Marsh, illustrator. PSAW ephemera collections

As we spend Thanksgiving Day, each according to their custom or ability, let us remember that the whole Thanksgiving story is a big lie.

I fully intend to enjoy a day of good food and good company, but I do believe Thanksgiving is like Seder in mirror image. Instead of celebrating and retelling the story of escape and freedom, Thanksgiving is a celebration of the lies that covers up the brutal power struggle between Native Americans and European Puritan Christian Fundamentalists.

You probably already knew that Thanksgiving is a politically motivated myth,  but if you want to read more, here is a good essay:

First Genocide, Then Lie About I: Why I Hate Thanksgiving by Mitchel Cohen.

That said, have a wonderful day. The truth will set you free. Ish.


I now have thirty two jello recipe books. Plus doubles. Yikes! The strange thing is that my Jello mania is a strong as ever. My heart skips a beat when I find a new book, or a better copy of one I already have.

Jello bride cover blog
Jello, 1916. PSAW ephemera collections.

I finally got a a good copy of this beauty. Notice how beautifully and delicately rendered the lace is, while the jello-y streaks in the back are so painterly and quick.

 Jello dainty front blog

Jell-0 The Dainty Dessert. Cover.  Not dated. PSAW ephemera collections.

Jello dainty back blog 

Jell-o The Dainty Dessert, back cover. Not dated. PSAW ephemera collections.

Jello dainty dessert blog 
Jell-o The Dainty Dessert, centerfold. Not dated.PSAW ephemera collections.

Jello for dessert cover blog
Jell-o for  Dessert. Cover. Not dated. PSAW ephemera collections.

Again, the contrast between the delicately rendered figure and the painterly wash background.

Jello for dessert center blog

Jello For Dessert, Centerfold.Not dated. PSAW ephemera collections.

Jello rhymes lucille patterson marsh blog 

Jell-o Rhymes. Not dated. Illustrations by Lucille Patterson Marsh.PSAW ephemera collections.

Jello rhymes lp Mash hey diddle diddle blog

Jell-o Rhymes. Illustration by Lucille Patterson Marsh. Not dated. PSAW ephemera collections.

"The factory is light, bright, beautiful; the workers happy, prosperous and content, and the product which they turn out by the tons and dons day after day, never varies in its excellence and purity"

Lucille Patterson Marsh, born in 1890,  was a prolific American 20th Century illustrator. Her clients included Ladie's Home Journal, GE, Cosmopolitan, and later, book illustrations.

Lucille patterson marsh GE ad 1931

Lucille Marsh Patterson, 1931 GE Refrigerator Ad.

Jello wonder dishes cover
Jello Wonder Dishes, 1930. PSAW ephemera collections.

Jello six delicious blog

Jell-o  6 delicious  flavors. 1924. Back Cover. PSAW ephemera collections

Jello 6 delicous trip blog

Jell-o 6 Delicious Flavors. Detail. 1924. PSAW ephemera collections.