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Borden's Sweetened Condensed Milk, Merrit Cutler, advertising pamphlet, food illustration,
Merritt Cutler New Magic In The Kitchen. LIza Cowan ephemera collections

These illustrations from the Borden Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk Recipe  book, New Magic In The Kitchen, are ignore.

 gail borden eagle brand milk label early

The Borden Company, Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk. Gail Bordon patented his invention for making condensed milk in 1856 and his company was  first manufacturer of condensed milk. 


The illustrations for the recipe booklet are by Merritt Cutler. Published probably in the  1930's before 1938 when  Elsie the Cow became the spokesbovine for the Borden Company.

Here's what a 1960 ad for Strathmore Paper had to say about Merritt

merritt cutler, strathmore ad, magazine illustration, illustrator advertising

"Merritt Cutler graduated from Pratt Institute into a noteworthy career as art director in leading advertising agencies. In 1942 he enlisted as a Captain in the Army Engineers Corps. He formed and directed the department at Ft. Belvoir which turned out the Camouflage Training Aids and Manuals."


I sure would love to see those!

 "The free-lancing which Mr. Cutler has been doing since, includes two text books on scratch board techniques, book illustrations, advertisement and package design.

 Ad for Strathmore Artist Paper, American Artist , April 1960







rice pudding illustration merritt cutler color vintage desert
Rice Pudding, Merritt Cutler, p. 45 New Magic In The Kitchen


  Lemon pie illustration Merritt Cutler
Lemon Pie, Merritt Cutler, p. 41, New Magic In The Kitchen


hot chocolate merritt cutler illustration whipped cream yellow pitcher
Merrit Cutler. Hot Chocolate.

Hot Chocolate, Merrit Cutler, p. 28, New Magic In The Kitchen


  orange lemon frosting illustration merritt cutler cake yellow
Orange-Lemon Frosting. Merritt Cutler, p. 29 New Kitchen Magic

  cornmeal muffins illustration merritt cutler
Cornmeal Muffins, Merritt Cutler, p. 12, New Magic In the Kitchen