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I'm not a financial expert of advisor. These are just some things I've learned. 

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I started keeping a budget in July of 2015. I learned how to by reading books, blogs and online articles. .

I have saved thousands of dollars by having a plan, a roadmap, a blueprint. By cutting out things I don't need or can't afford. By spending less than I earn. By making sure I pay myself first, in my money market savings account. By learning how to say "no" and when to say "yes."

I don't have any debt - I've always been debt averse and rarely borrowed without definite a plan for a pay back date. 

But for people who do have debt - how much of your money are you basically just giving to the bank by not paying down your debt? 

The only way to get a grip on your money is to have a plan. Think if the money you will save! Is that worth your time? You bet!


These days, I am loving the online budget tracker from It's free, and so easy to use.