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Collecting postcards: watching the bathers

As summer approaches here in the Northern Hemisphere, we begin to think of trips to the beach. Here, from my collection of turn-of-the-century postcards, is a gorgeous beach scene. 

Watching the bathers post card. Late 19th, early 20th Century.
The woman who sent this, Ethel W, found something funny about the card, which she set out to fix. Although the title of the card is "watching the bathers" Ethel noticed that there were, in fact, very few bathers present, none in the water,  and mostly fully dressed folks sitting on the beach. So she drew some bathers into the water, and wrote on the face of the card, "I don't see many, do you? They forgot to put them in so I had to help them out." 

Here's what she drew. Notice that many of the bathers are cyphers, literally question marks:

Watching the bathers  post card detail
We are having a great time.


Watching the bathers  drawn in bathers
She drew in the bathers
Watching the bathers detail 2
Another detail. Most folks in full dress. A few in bathing costumes.


Flower Fairies of The Summer: Photos from the garden

Flower fairies of summer


Mother Nature and the Flower Fairies have been busy in my garden making the flowers grow. My job is to take pictures of the results. 


Image source



Hanging wisteria photograph ©Liza Cowan
Wisteria in my garden. ©Liza Cowan


Peony Bud, photo ©LIza Cowan 2013
Peony Bud. Photo ©Liza Cowan


Pink lilacs. Photo ©Liza Cowan 2013
Pink Lilacs on white. Photo ©Liza cowan


Pink lilac on black photo ©Liza Cowan
Pink Lilacs on black. Photo ©Liza Cowan


Geranium petals pale on white photo ©liza Cowan
Geranium blossom on white. Photo ©Liza Cowan
Geranium blossom on black. Photo ©Liza Cowan 2013
Geranium blossom on black. ©Liza Cowan


HOW TO: cheap and easy way to organize small cables for mobile devices and games.

Organizing: a chore and a fascination. I've searched high and low for an easy way to orgainize an ever-growing collections cables and accessories for all those phones, players and games that can accumulate. My kids and I were always misplacing ours, so I had to figure out a way to keep track.  


Easy way to hang small cables and chargers with binder clips
Organize small cables and chargers with binder clips

So far, this is my favorite. It's cheap, easy and quick. The only thing you'll need is a bunch of binder clips, available at stationery stores, and they come in an assortment of sizes and colors.