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Barbie sewing patterns, vintage

I borrowed these from the collections of Margaret Tramulonis. She gave me permission to scan and post them. Classic Barbie sewing patterns. Look at the detail, my goodness. When I was a kid I made lots of Barbie clothing, but nothing like these. I was more about drape and a quick stitch. These are formidable. 


Barbie butterick pattern 2519
Barbie, Buttrick pattern 2519. Courtesy of Margaret Tramulonis Collections

Barbie butterick2519 back of envelope envelope
Barbie, Butterick Pattern 2519. Back of package. Courtesy of Margaret Tramulonis Collections.

Barbie butterick pattern 7430 barbie McCalls 7430 western
Barbie, McCalls's Patern 7430. Margaret Tramulonis Collections



Barbie mcCalls7430 pattern assembly instructions
Barbie, McCall pattern 7430 assembly directions. Margaret Tramulonis Collections

Barbie mcCalls 6901 instant envelope envelope
Barbie, McCalls Pattern 6901. "Instant" doll clothes. Margaret Tramulonis collections.



Barbie mcCalls 6901 pattern assembly instructions
Barbie, McCalls pattern 6901 assembly instructions. Margaret Tramulonis collections.

These patterns look excruciatingly dificult to me. I so admire the women who probably made them for their daughters and granddaughters. The love, the care - I hope that some of these finshed pieces are preserved somewhere.