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How To Make Ginger Lemon Honey Tea

I love ginger tea with a real kick, and have been experimenting with making it for a while. All the ingredients I use are not only delicious but very good for your health. Here's my recipe. 


Ingredients ginger lemon tea ©Liza Cowan
Ingredients for ginger honey lemon tea


water: about a gallon 

one whole fresh ginger

two lemons

4 tablespoons organic honey

dash of cayenne pepper



pot to boil water



container for finished brew



Fresh ginger for ginger tea ©Liza Cowan
fresh ginger



Grater for ginger lemon tea ©Liza Cowan
grater for the ginger

 I use a hand grater. It's what I have. If you have some kind of machine, I'm sure that would be useful. Ginger has a lot of fiber, so grating is not as smooth as grating a carrot, but you can do it. There will be bits you can't grate, so just cut them up.


Grated ginger for ginger lemon tea ©Liza Cowan
grated ginger for tea

 Some recipes ask you to peel the ginger, but I don't know why. You're not going to eat the pulp.


Water in pot for ginger lemon tea ©Liza Cowan
fill pot with water

 I use about a gallon of water. I usually measure by filling my carafe first then dump that into the pot.

Dump grated ginger into the pot and boil until it bubbles. Then let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes. Meanwhile, cut two lemons in half.


Cut lemons for ginger lemon tea ©Liza Cowan
cut two lemons


Strain ginger for tea ©Liza Cowan
strain boiled water and ginger

 I strain directly into the carafe, but you don't have to. But DO strain it.


Lemon squeeze for ginger lemon tea ©liza cowan
squeeze lemons

Squeeze and strain the lemons. I squeeze/strain directly into the carafe, but you don't have to. But DO strain them.


Honey for ginger tea ©Liza Cowan
Add honey

Raw organic honey has healing properties. I get the best quality I can find. You don't have to, but DO make sure you use raw honey if you can.


Cayenne pepper for ginger tea ©Liza Cowan
cayenne pepper

I add about three modest shakes from a jar of cayenne pepper to the brew. I guess you could call it a pinch. This adds extra kick, and cayenne pepper is good for you. This step is optional and depends on your taste. Try it with and without, vary the amounts by trial and error, and decide which way you prefer it.


Stir ginger lemon tea ©Liza cowan

The honey and lemon bits will obey the laws of gravity, so give it a good stir. I use a long handled wooden spoon, but it doesn't really matter. I use it because it reaches the bottom of my carafe.


Enjoy ginger lemon tea ©Liza cowan
Enjoy your ginger honey lemon tea.

I like to drink ginger lemon tea hot in the winter and over ice in the summer. Hot, it is soothing and warming. Over ice, it is very refreshing. 

For storage, I simply put the whole carafe in the refrigerator, and pour myself a cup when I want. Make sure to stir it up again every time you pour some because the laws of gravity still apply. I admit, I heat mine in a cup in the microwave. 

I can't tell you how long it will last in the fridge because I drink it so frequently that I go through the gallon in a day or two. This brew is delicious and more that that, I think it's really healthful. 

Let me know what you think!