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Broadway and musical theatre performers Sean Smith, David Burnham, Kim Huber, Christina Saffran Ashford, Damon Kirsche, David Engel, Jennifer Shelton, Emma Ashford, Matthew Ashford, Ali B. Olmo, Johnny Pastor, Bubba Dean Rambo, William Martinez, Flora Rubenhold, Takako Gregg, Teri Yates, Mason Keane, and Paula Keane sing from their heart with the lyrics of Don DeMesquita, in a parody of One Day More from "Les Miserables". For more info and facts, go to

My favorite phrase: "To the Dark Side they've succumbed" meaning, of course, the Romney Ryan team.


Vote. It still means the world. Obama 2012


VOTE. cowan design It still means the world. Ribbons.  CowanDesign
VOTE. It still means the World. Obama 2012. CowanDesign

‎"The right to vote and be voted for is the first of rights," says the National Race Congress. "It is the vital principal of self-government and individual liberty. The ballot marks the difference between the citizen and the serf. Without the ballot the Colored American is powerless to contend for right and justice and civil equality; with the ballot he is all powerful to act in defense of every lawful privilege" September 20, 1919, The Union Newspaper.