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January 2012

Liza Cowan Occupy Graphics.

When I was designing posters for the Burlington Vermont No Lockheed Campaign, I realized I had a real taste for agit prop (see them HERE). So when Occupy came to town, I set my hand to designing a series of posters. You can see them on my Flickr sets HERE

This one is my favorite. It is available through Occuprint


WITCHES OCCUPY VERMONT with orange cropped and signed


 Occupy Vermont. ©Liza Cowan/CowanDesign


I know that local Occupy movements are important, but I decided to focus on an overarching theme: Occupy Patriarchy. The drawing is one I made in the early 1970's copying an image from a Greek Vase.


 Occupy Patriarchy poster by ©Liza Cowan/CowanDesign 2011


If you are interested in the ideas behind Occupy Patriarchy you can find a great resource HERE 

Below is one of my favorite Occupy Burlington posters, using what my regular readers know is a constant source of pleasure, vintage postcards. This one from 1906.

Today we occupied Burlington postcardToday We Occupied Burlington. Poster ©Liza Cowan/CowanDesign 2011