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Children's Record Label: Alphabet Song

War Is Peace: Lockheed Martin's Dystopian Vision

George orwell 1984 signet edition cover adapted by Liza Cowan for NoLockheed Burlington vt

Adapted from  Signet Books cover for George Orwell's dystopian novel,1984

The idea of Lockheed Martin heading up Climate Initiatives makes about as much sense as wearing a plunging neckline while sporting a button that reads "Anti Sex League"

"War is Peace"

"Freedom Is Slavery"

"Ignorance Is Strength"

 Quotation source

And because this IS an art educational blog, you will be interested in the source of this image as well:
George orwell 1984 signet books 1951 art by Alan Harmon

George Orwell, 1984, Signet Books 1951. Cover art by Alan Harmon