Holiday Craft Fair: We'll be there!


Small equals Saada necklace pate de verre larget tuaret nickel wood photo by Liza Cowan
Necklace by Saada. Pate de Verre, wood and L'Argent Tuareg


How gorgeous is this necklace??? I'm totally smitten. It's made by a beautiful jeweler from Mali, a woman named Saada. A few years ago her son -in- law brought a few of her pieces to Pine Street Art Works to see if I was interested in selling them. Of course I was, and I did sell them. I didn't think I'd ever see him again but last week he called me on the phone and said he was back in Vermont with his wife and her mother, and they had more jewelry for me to see.  Yay.


SMALL EQUALS Saada with her daughters. Photo by Liza Cowan
Saada, jeweler from Mali, at Small Equals with her two daughters

Here she is at Small Equals with her two daughters. We spent a wonderful hour or more going through all of her beautiful colliers - necklaces, made of perles, beads. And yes, I got to ramble on in my fractured French, with lots of help translating into English from Saada's daughter and son-in-law.


Small equals Saada necklace roots beads from Ghana wooden and bamboo beads, glass beads. Photo by LIza Cowan
necklace by Saada. Made of roots, glass beads, and beads from Ghana


Small equals. necklace by Saada, blue beads white shells. Photo by Liza Cowan
Necklace by Saada. Beads from Ghana, shells from Mauretania.


Small equals Necklace by Saada.  ebony,  silver, seeds detail. Photo by Liza Cowan
Necklace by Saada. Ebony, silver, wood.


SMALL EQUALS = Saada, jeweler from Mali at the store, Small Equals, Burlington VT photo by Liza Cowan
Saada, jeweler from Mali, at Small Equals.

These are the things that make me love my job. I get to meet amazing people and experience the wonderful things they make. Pure joy.