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The Pudding's spoiled. Jell-O saves the day in the early 20th Century kitchen.


Jello recipe book, can't cook, cover, Liza Cowan ephemera collections

Daniel, the wonderful new intern here at Pine Street Art Works, has been busy scanning my rawther large collection of vintage Jell-O recipe books. Here, from an undated  early 20th Century book, are some illustrations of how terribly wrong things can go in the kitchen. Jell-O is here to save the day!


Jello recipe book, her pudding burnt, jello illustration, recipe illustration, kitchen mistakes
Her pudding burnt.

  Jello recipe book, her pie went wrong
Her pie went wrong, too. Nothing goes wrong with Jell-O

  Jello recipe book, a corner in a busy jello workroom
A corner in a busy Jell-O workroom.

  Detail workers in jello workroom

  Jello recipe book, jello for serving with meat, in the big shipping room, jello illustration, men pushing carts of boxes, workmen in factory early 20th century
In the big shipping room.

  The jello girl, always ready to serve
The Jell-O girl, always ready to serve you.

  Jello recipe book, jello girl with kettle
The Jell-O girl, Elizabeth King.

  Jello recipe book, the pudding spoiled
The Pudding's spoiled. Why didn't I use Jell-O?

 The young bride or housewife who has never learned to cook