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KEEPSAKE BOXES: new product by Liza Cowan/Pine street art works/ small equasl

Keepsake card kit bon voyage needle kit

Keepsake Card Kits: where the old meets the new

Each kit includes: one greeting card, custom made by Liza Cowan, one medium priced item (seed bomb, moleskine notebook, or other item as available and suitable) and one small priced item (laser cut wood art, mini bouquets, typewriter keys, or other items as suitable and available)

All packaged in a cardboard box with mylar lid, ready to give!

Max Fleischer and the Rotoscope: Out of the Inkwell

I  love this cartoon and wanted to share it with you. Sheer genius. The Tantalizing Fly by Max Fleischer, created in 1919, the same year as The Easy Road To Readng in the previous post. Notice the difference between the sweet nostalgic art of ML Spoor and the avant garde perspective of Fleischer. Radically different approaches to art always happen in the same historical moment.

 Fleischer made this cartoon using technology of his own invention, the rotograph. He also invented the rotoscope 


 Rotoscope patent, max fleisher
Patent for the rotoscope. Max Fleischer

Max Fleischer, with his brother Dave Fleischer,  were  famous not only for the Out Of The Inkwell series, but also for Betty Boop, Koko The Klown,  and the animated versions of Popeye The Sailorman, and Superman.

A slightly different version of The Tantalizing Fly, as well as a much better explanation and history of the rotoscope than I could ever hope to do,  is part of this inkwellink  Ray Pointer mini documentary about Fleischer available at their InkWell Ink website.


 For a wonderfully erudite and in depth look at animation and the early 20th Century avant garde I highly recommend Hollywood Flatlands: Animation, Critical Theory and the Avant- Garde, by Esther Leslie. Not an easy read, but well worth it.


Children's reading primers

I've been collecting early childhood readers and primers for ages. I love them for the typography, the illustrations and for the peek into the social life and pedagogy of the early 20th Century.

Here are a few lovely examples:

 Easy Road To Readin, reading primer, 1919, Lyons & Carnahan, mary louise spoor,  

The Easy Road To Reading, Lyons & Carnihan 1919-25, illustrated by Mary Louise Spoor and Gertrude Spaller.

 Easy Road To Reading, children's reader, primer, north wind, children play in leaves, leaves blowing, mary louise spoor 

The Easy Road To Reading First Reader. Illustrated by Mary Louise Spoor. For more on ML Spoor

 Champion arithmetic, 1937, math book, dog through hoop,
Champion Arithmetics, children's math primer, 1937, Evanston IL

 Champion arithmetic, 1937 math book, canning fruit, vintage math book, vintage primer
Champion Arithmetics. Illustration by Nell Hulke Compton. 1937

 Happy days, children's reader, boys with monkey, monkey on leash  

Happy Days, Quinlan Readers. 1949 Allen and Bacon Publishers

 Happy days, children's reader, mother knits, father reads, children reading, monkey with books, cat on pillow, mid 20th century home
Happy Days Children's primer. Quinlan readers. 1949. Illustration Constance Heffron

 Down our street, children's reader, kids on bikes,  

Down Our Street. McMillan 1939.

 Down our street, children's reader, grocery store, old fashioned grocery, grocer, man with package, baby buggy, fancy groceries
Down Our Street. Children's reader. 1939

 Health stories and practice,1931, children's health mid 20th century,  

Health Stories and Practice, 1931, Lyons & Carnahan publisher, illustrations by Vera Stone Norman and Irene Dorcy

 Health stories, irene dorcy, vera stone norman, children's health mid 20th century, mother at window, orange juice, boy in bed, eat nourishing food, children's health primer
Health Stories and Practice. 1931. Illustrated by Vera Store Norman or Irene Dorcy

 Health stories and practice, children playing, leapfrog, hopscotch, girl on swing
Health Stories and Practice. 1931. Illustrated by Vera Store Norman or Irene Dorcy

 Journey to health land, ginn and company, Blanche Fisher Tate, children's health 20th century, 1924
Journey to Health Land. Ginn & Co. 1924, illustrated by Blanche Fisher Laite

 Journey to health , Blanch Fisher Taite, children's health, finest vegetables in the garden, children gardening, spotted dress, watering can, boy in shorts, elf in garden, children garden tools
A Journey To Health Land. Illustration Blanche Fisher Laite 1924

 City and country, first reader, boys feet in water, childhood readers, florence margaret hoopes, margaret freeman 

Childhood Readers, City and Country, Scribners,1932, illustrated by Florence and Margaret Hoopes and Margaret Freeman.

 Childhood readers, children build toy city, play city, children paint toy city, children in school, 1932
Childhood Readers, City and Country. Illustrated by Florence and Margaret Hoopes and Margaret Freeman. 1932

 City country reader, Florence Hoopes, Margeret Hoopes, Margaret Freeman, seaside illustration, children at beach, at the seaside
Childhood Readers, City and Country. Illustrated by Florence and Margaret Hoopes & Margaret Freeman, 1932

 City country reader, margaret hoopes, florence hoopes, margaret freeman, family travelling, dad holding sleeping child, girl holding dog, family with luggage
Childhood Readers, City and Country. Illustrated by Florence and Margaret Hoopes & Margaret Freeman, 1932

 Meet our friends, reading for living, children's reader, Bobbs merrill, 1950, janet ross, raymon naylor
Meet Our Friends, Bobbs Merrill 19500. Illustrated by Janet Ross and Raymon Naylor

 Meet our friends, children's reader, 1950, janet ross, ramon naylor, mother peels carrot, old fashioned telephone, mother and daughter cook 1950, beige apron, girl in pigtail,
Meet Our Friends. 1950. Illustrated by Janet Ross and Raymon Naylor