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Paige Russell, maker of the wonderful vessels we have for sale at Pine Street Art Works, is doing a guest blog at Design*Sponge this week.  Today she wrote about Burlington VT shops and artists, and featured some stores in Burlington's South End, including us!

Design*Sponge is one of the top design blogs in the country, and it's really rather thrilling to be mentioned on it. And it originates in Brooklyn, my former home. Yay Brooklyn.

Paige used to work next door at The Lamp Shop, and had a studio further down Pine Street, but, alas, she moved back to Canada.

paige russell, ceramic vessel, pottery, white pottery, liza cowan photo
Paige Russel Vessels. Photo Liza Cowan.

So hats off to Paige for writing about our little city (especially the South End, which is often treated like the Siberia of Burlington,) and to Design*Sponge for having the good taste to invite Paige to guest blog.

Check out Paige's blog, it's always worth a read.


I was showing a customer the two  Rea Irvin magazine covers that I have in the shop and it dawned on me that you might be interested in seeing them too. Irvin was an American artist and art director, best know as the first art director of The New Yorker. He also worked as an illustrator at the original Life magazine (not the later version).

Small rhea irvin small

Rea Irvin, Life, August 10, 1922. The Japanese American Number


Rhea irvin new yorker metrosexual cowan ephemera collections small

Rea Irvin, The New Yorker, Oct 15, 1938.

The cover is too big for my scanner so a bit got cut off. Hope you enjoyed these.

Update: Thanks to  Pollux for sending a link to Emily Gordon's article about Rea Irvin.   Emdashes,- The New Yorker Between The Lines is Emily's blog where Pollux is a writer  and cartoonist. The blog is a great read and a must for all things New Yorker.


For your viewing pleasure, some images from my matchbox label collection. 

Matchbox label, kali, made in india, calcutta, skulls

Matchbox Label, Calcutta. PSAW ephemera collections

Matchbox label, kali, india, calcutta 

Matchbox label. Kali, detail.

kali, matchbox label, skulls, india, calcutta, blue 

matchbox label. Kali. Detail.

Matchbox la petite sweden  
La Petite Safety Matches. Made in Sweden. PSAW ephemera collections.

I bought a slew of Swedish matchbox labels for Tove, of AO! Glass and Atelier Tove because she is Swedish and I thought she and her kids would get a kick out of them.

Matchbox sweden countryside

Countryside Safety Match. Made in Sweden. PSAW & Atelier Tove collections.

Matchbox swedishcockfight blue

Cockfight Safety Matches. Made in Sweden. PSAW & Atelier Tove Collections.

Matchbox swedishcockfight detail blog 

Swedish Matchbox Label, Cockfight, detail

And then there are the Japanese Matchbox Labels. Here are a few from my collection:

Matchbox japan dragonfly
Made in Japan. Matchbox label. PSAW collections.

Matchbox japan dragonfly detail blog 

Matchbox label, Japan. Detail

matcbox label. japan, fish 

Matchbox Label. Made in Japan. PSAW ephemera collection.

Safety match fish detail 

Matchbox Label, Japan. Detail

Safety match, swan, cupid. japan 

Matchbox Label. Japan. PSAW ephemera collections.

swan, red swan, blue swan, Safety match, japan graphic 

Matchbox Label, Swans, Japan. Detail