Obama - Or Else

Obama Postcard - Free for you

I'm convinced that Obama has to be President. Has to be. The planet depends on the US pursuing a different course from the reckless criminality of the last 8 years of the B*sh regime. So I ask myself "what can I do?" This is a question I think each of us has to be asking. 

I live in Vermont, which will certainly go Obama. I'm stuck at work where I am the sole cook and bottlewasher,  or home taking care of the kids, and I'd be dead awful at voter registration anyway. But what I am good at is graphic agit prop. Postcards and etc.

So, I've made the Obama or Else postcard. Possibly the first of a series, we'll see. It's at the printer now.

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If you want some, send me a stamped self addressed #10 envelope. I'm not charging for the cards, but you have to pay for postage and handling. I'll stuff a random amount into the envelope - depending on supplies - and you can send them out or do what you think is best. If you want larger amounts, email me - [email protected] - and we'll figure out how that can be accomplished.

Send the SASE to Pine Street Art Works, 404 Pine Street, Burlington VT 05401

UPDATE: Now that the election is over, and WE WON!, these cards are no longer available for free. You can now buy them for $1.00. See pay pal wigit on the right sidebar.