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Were you glued to your radio, tv or computer last night listening to Obama? I was. For the first time in my life I had a moment of hope, or faith, that America has the possibility of becoming an ethical country - with all that implies. Or, ethicalish. As my friend Laurie Essig said of her emotional response to the speech, "Don't worry, I  know corporate and military interests still control everything." But still, it was quite the night.

Obama hit every note. And the resonance with the 45th anniversary of the March On Washington was perfect. Eerily perfect, I thought.  I was at that march. I was fourteen. My entire family traveled from NY City to Washington DC for the historic event. As my friend Paul Fishcher pointed out today, "it was strategically uncool for McCain operatives to mock Obama's backdrop, which referenced the ancient pillars of democracy and the MLK speech site."


This is the best photo I could find on a google search for Martin Luther King in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. If anyone knows the name of the photographer please let me know. It is against my ethics to post photos without credit, but I couldn't find it.

Last night, after watching Barack Obama's speech I dreamed that I met him. It was a very uplifting experience, in a very friendly way, as if  I had met long lost cousin.

And speaking of wonderful relatives, this is just in from my brother Geoff Cowan, in Los Angeles from The Jewish Journal - an ad from "Why I'm A Democrat.

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