I first saw Joan Lovell's prints when I was jurying the Burlington Vermont Art's Alive Show. I loved them, even on the power point. I thought no more about them until a few days later a woman walked into the gallery and introduced herself as an old high school classmate.  It was Joan, who had married and changed her name so I didn't recognize it in print. Wow. What fun.

Lovell at HL
Jasmine and Sienna in front of Joan Lovell prints at Healthy Living, South Burlington, VT.

Last week Joan and I hung some of her prints  at Healthy LIving Natural Foods in South Burlington, VT. They look terrific. Oh, and the Richard Gombar paintings that were at Healthy Living last month are now up at Pine Street Art Works for July.

Here's what Joan says about her work:

"My prints are about roadside weeds: the way they jockey for position, explode with life, gracefully perish; the strains of their visual music intensified by random off-beat elements. My work says, "Explore Your Wilderness. Let old paths yield to fresh and natural harmonies.

Joan Lovell, Red Squirrel.

"I hand-burnish limited edition prints using a baren and wooden spoon onto tissue-thin Japanese papers. My studio home on a forest road in southern Vermont is critical to my work. Immersion there and and solitude has heightened al my senses and creative energies.

Joan lovell spring's up
Joan Lovell, Spring's Up.

If you will be near South Burlington in July, get over to Healthy Living  at 222 Dorset Street to see Joan's work, and have a great shopping experience.

Joan lovell runners and their companions
Joan Lovell, Runners and Their Companions