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On Friday one of Burlington's favorite painters, Mr. Masterpiece, will open a new show, The Seven Deadly Sins According to Mr. Masterpiece. MM combines pop, surrealist and folk genres in his colorful and humorous works, which often have social critique and observations lurking beneath the surface.

Mr masterpiece gaz a#1F03B3
Mr. Masterpiece, from The Seven Deadly Sins According To Mr Masterpiece.

In keeping with the Sin theme, the gallery will also present a collection of one-of-a kind garments by  local clothing designers Melaney Pettini and Noah Hirka. Working under the name The Wings Of Sin, the duo creates elegantly Goth clothing - hand painted and sewn. The clothing will be featured in the gallery display windows along Pine Street.

The Wings Of Sin ten#1F0358
Garment from The Wings Of Sin

I'm also very busy prepping for the Art Hop show. We expect thousands of visitors during this two day annual art festival, so it's a big Burlington Deal.  The featured exhibit will be Seven Years In Tibet: 1944-1951 from the Limited Edition Heinrich Harrer Portfolio, published by Leslie DiRusso. These are prints made from Harrer's original negatives. Much more on this later.

"This is Tendzin Choegyal, the youngest brother of the Dalai Lama, at the age of three. Later he was recognized as Ngari Rinpoche, an incarnation of the spiritual leader of several monasteries in Ngari, a large region in western Tibet.

Three days after he was born, which was shortly after our arrival in Lhasa in January 1946, his mother sent for us to join her guests at the reception to celebrate the birth of her youngest son.

This photograph was taken on the roof of the family's home, Yabshi Taktser, which means Roaring Tiger House of the Family of the Dalai Lama. Since the Great Mother loved flowers and the tranquility of the garden, I worked here for some time."

Heinrich Harrer, quote taken from Harrer Limited Edition Portfolio website


I now have thirty two jello recipe books. Plus doubles. Yikes! The strange thing is that my Jello mania is a strong as ever. My heart skips a beat when I find a new book, or a better copy of one I already have.

Jello bride cover blog
Jello, 1916. PSAW ephemera collections.

I finally got a a good copy of this beauty. Notice how beautifully and delicately rendered the lace is, while the jello-y streaks in the back are so painterly and quick.

 Jello dainty front blog

Jell-0 The Dainty Dessert. Cover.  Not dated. PSAW ephemera collections.

Jello dainty back blog 

Jell-o The Dainty Dessert, back cover. Not dated. PSAW ephemera collections.

Jello dainty dessert blog 
Jell-o The Dainty Dessert, centerfold. Not dated.PSAW ephemera collections.

Jello for dessert cover blog
Jell-o for  Dessert. Cover. Not dated. PSAW ephemera collections.

Again, the contrast between the delicately rendered figure and the painterly wash background.

Jello for dessert center blog

Jello For Dessert, Centerfold.Not dated. PSAW ephemera collections.

Jello rhymes lucille patterson marsh blog 

Jell-o Rhymes. Not dated. Illustrations by Lucille Patterson Marsh.PSAW ephemera collections.

Jello rhymes lp Mash hey diddle diddle blog

Jell-o Rhymes. Illustration by Lucille Patterson Marsh. Not dated. PSAW ephemera collections.

"The factory is light, bright, beautiful; the workers happy, prosperous and content, and the product which they turn out by the tons and dons day after day, never varies in its excellence and purity"

Lucille Patterson Marsh, born in 1890,  was a prolific American 20th Century illustrator. Her clients included Ladie's Home Journal, GE, Cosmopolitan, and later, book illustrations.

Lucille patterson marsh GE ad 1931

Lucille Marsh Patterson, 1931 GE Refrigerator Ad.

Jello wonder dishes cover
Jello Wonder Dishes, 1930. PSAW ephemera collections.

Jello six delicious blog

Jell-o  6 delicious  flavors. 1924. Back Cover. PSAW ephemera collections

Jello 6 delicous trip blog

Jell-o 6 Delicious Flavors. Detail. 1924. PSAW ephemera collections.


I first saw Joan Lovell's prints when I was jurying the Burlington Vermont Art's Alive Show. I loved them, even on the power point. I thought no more about them until a few days later a woman walked into the gallery and introduced herself as an old high school classmate.  It was Joan, who had married and changed her name so I didn't recognize it in print. Wow. What fun.

Lovell at HL
Jasmine and Sienna in front of Joan Lovell prints at Healthy Living, South Burlington, VT.

Last week Joan and I hung some of her prints  at Healthy LIving Natural Foods in South Burlington, VT. They look terrific. Oh, and the Richard Gombar paintings that were at Healthy Living last month are now up at Pine Street Art Works for July.

Here's what Joan says about her work:

"My prints are about roadside weeds: the way they jockey for position, explode with life, gracefully perish; the strains of their visual music intensified by random off-beat elements. My work says, "Explore Your Wilderness. Let old paths yield to fresh and natural harmonies.

Joan Lovell, Red Squirrel.

"I hand-burnish limited edition prints using a baren and wooden spoon onto tissue-thin Japanese papers. My studio home on a forest road in southern Vermont is critical to my work. Immersion there and and solitude has heightened al my senses and creative energies.

Joan lovell spring's up
Joan Lovell, Spring's Up.

If you will be near South Burlington in July, get over to Healthy Living  at 222 Dorset Street to see Joan's work, and have a great shopping experience.

Joan lovell runners and their companions
Joan Lovell, Runners and Their Companions