I've just partnered with independent booksellers, Powell's Books, to give you, my dear readers, a chance to see my favorite books and, if you want, to buy them. Or any other books, for that matter. Here are a few selections from my list:

Cover_american_photobooth_2 Some are books by artists who have shown at Pine Street Art Works. You can buy Nakki Goranin's American Photobooth,

Cover_fun_home Or Alison Bechdel's Fun Home.

Cover_a_pattern_language Others are some of the books I've loved and learned from over the years.One of my favorites is A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander, which has almost a cult following among architects, designers and visionary city planners.

Cover_hollywood_flatlands Hollywood Flatlands: Animation, Critical Theory & the Avant Garde by Esther Leslie,  traces the co-evolution of cartoons and modern art.

Cover_an_orphan_in_history You might be interested in my late brother, Paul Cowan's, An Orphan In History, which traces the roots of our Jewish American family.

Cover_contest_of_meaning If you are interested in photography and critical readings in photography check out The Contest Of Meaning, edited by Richard Bolton or

Coverphotography_on_the_color_line Photography On The Color Line, W.E.B. DuBois, Race and Visual Culture by Shawn Michelle Smith.

Cover_dv For a rollicking good read in fashion, politics, gossip and culture read D.V. by Diana Vreeland,

Cover_palimpsest or Palimpsest: A Memoir by Gore Vidal.

And the other great part of this whole thing is that by buying books through my Powell's booklist, or any other book you click through to on their search engine, you are helping support Pine Street Art Works. Yep, I get a commission on each sale, with no extra cost to you.

Even if you don't want to buy, the list is pretty neat, and you might enjoy it. Just click onto the Powells link on the right sidebar where it says, My Websites.