DOLLEY Madison & HOLLY Shulman


Nakki Goranin and I are busy setting up the American Photobooth show. It's going to be amazing. Since this is photobooth theme month, I've dredged up some old photobooth images I took when dinosours roamed the earth. My favorite booth was the one at Woolworths at 86th and Lexington in New York City. I'd go there after school many a day.

photobooth, teenage girls 1960's

Liza and SuSu circa 1964, 86th St. Woolworths, NYC
This was ninth grade - 1963. I still remember, we went over to Woolworths after an afterschool play rehearsal. I think we were doing Twelfth Night. I was wearing desert boots, which I thought were the coolest shoes ever made. In my hair was a strand of thick yarn, which was the fad. I had just had my ears pierced, which was shocking in 1963.

photobooth, teenage girls holding photostrips, 1970's
Liza and Penny. Circa 1970, NYC

This was a year about seven years later, around 1970. I was already working as a radio producer and my friend was in college. I later painted a picture for her that incorporated this image. Maybe she'll take a photo of it and send it to me.

Both of these girls were friends of mine from early childhood. We went all through elementary and high school together and we're still friends  - and they read this blog. So surprise, Susu and Penny. I love you both.

photobooth, girl with crewcut, girl with shaved head, surprised girl, big glasses
This was about five or six years later. I'd moved to upstate NY. Obviously, I'd just shaved my head and it was freezing out. The photobooth was in Catskill NY.