setting up for party at PSAW. Photo by Deana O'Connor

New Years Eve- Allison Dincecco and Lisa Cadieux took over PSAW to throw a rockin' New Year's Eve Party. Allison was the first person in Burlington to show my art, at her wonderful, innovative  contemporary furniture store, Sohome, now defunct, on Flynn Avenue. Alison's mom is Lorna K. Peal, art consultant, past (and wonderful) director of SEABA - Burlington's South End Arts And Business Association.

Allison and Lisa  gathered their Salsa-loving community from Salsalina and the classes of David Larson and John Anthony. Friends, relatives, kids, parents, grandparents. Fabulous. I love how Dance, as a social art and activity,  always seems to create  community. It seems to be true, no matter what the dance tradition. And to have a fabulous party where everyone, no matter their age or dance level feels welcomed and comfortable - well that's the best.

The crew spent the afternoon transforming PSAW into a twinkly vision. DJ New York Raul spun the best music I've heard in ages. Everyone had a blast. Even me, and I'm not much of a party animal.

a brief moment of rest during the dance: Liza Cowan photo

I swear I was the only woman there not wearing high heels and a fabulous outfit. I always wear sensible shoes - I'm like that. Particularly on my unforgiving concrete floors. But how festive everyone looked.  And even in my sensible shoes I thoroughly enjoyed a spin on the floor with Lupe (above right) before I left to watch the fireworks with my children.


Dancing at PSAW. Photo by Liza Cowan

I love seeing PSAW transformed by someone else's vision. As I stood there under the twinking lights and red lanterns, my space filled with music, food, and the kindness of strangers, I wondered for a moment if I was hallucinating the whole thing.  I wasn't.

Allison and Lisa are venturing into Event Planning. Keep posted for more info on them and their business.