My Digital Downloads on Etsy

I've been meaning to try selling my designs as digital printable downloads for quite some time. No more stocking printed inventory, no more shipping costs. The buyer just pays, gets an immediate download, and takes the file to the printer to have the image made as they like. Pretty cool. And Etsy makes it easy. 

Here are some that are already available:

The Masculine Woman 1905 postcard
The Masculine Woman, 1905 Postcard. Now a digital download.

Isn't she grand? I made a 600 dpi scan of the is card so it can be printed HUGE! Of course, the purchased download does not have a watermark. 


Harbells and bees, digital collage, liza cowan, source images japanese matchbox labels
Harbells and Bees. Digital collage by Liza Cowan


 I made this collage using images from two different Japanese matchbox labels. It looks great when it is large because the dots from the lithography become even more interesting at large scale. 

Love our mother earth digital collage by liza cowan
Love Your Mother Earth. Digital collage by Liza Cowan

Love Your Mother Earth. A timely and beautiful message. I made this using several images from vintage seed catalogs. How gorgeous would this look printed large, hanging in a living room?


Intergalactic women's time, amazons allons-Y, small equals, digital collage by liza cowan
Intergalactic Women's Time. Amazons Allons-Y. Digital collage by Liza Cowan

This one was by request. From the Amazons Allons-Y Series. 



Red birds and bees, digital collage by Liza Cowan
Red Birds and Bees. ©Liza Cowan. digital download on Etsy

Red Bird and Bees, incorporates a few of the images I use over and over. Birds and bees. Classic. 



All images, and more at my ETSY SHOP HERE



The Amazons are still travelling. Digital collages by Liza Cowan. Here's a sample of where they've been. For the complete series check them out on Flickr

Day 6 amazons annlon-y water is life
Amazons Allons-Y. Water Is Life. No Fracking

Amazons Allons-y. At the Statue Of Liberty

Amazons allons y, chanter la voix de la terre mere day 22 paris Liza Cowan CowanDesign
Amazons Allons-Y. In Paris.

AMAZONS DAY 25 LISTEN DEEPLY Liza cowan CowanDesign
Amazons Allons-Y. In Bretagne.

Amazons allons Y day 39 Westminster Abbey Hospital T.S. Boys St Margaret, Westminster with Westminster Hall beyondR.
Amazons Allons-Y. London, Westminster Cathedral

Amazons allons y day 45 Egypt nefertiti, liza cowan CowanDesign
Amazons Allons-Y. In Egypt

Amazons allons y day 46 circle the sky
Amazons Allons-y. Circle the sky

Amazons allons y day 57 think. Liza Cowan CowanDesign
Amazons Allons-Y. Teipei

Amazons allons y day 52 Liza Cowan CowanDesign
Amazons Allons-Y. Seeds Awaken

Amazons remember matriarchy Liza Cowan CowanDesign
Amazons Allons-Y. Remember Matriarchy. Teipei

Amazons allons y. the magic behind magic quote Douglas Hofstadter Metamagical Themas. Liza Cowan CowanDesign
Amazons Allons-Y. the Magic.


The Amazons are on walkabout, roaming the earth and skies, at work and at play.


ALLONS-Y cowan design
Amazons Allons-Y. Let's go save Mother Earth. Liza Cowan/CowanDesign



AMAZONS ALLONS Y ENGLISH TREES LARGEAmazons Allons-Y. Background from the cover of  the charming children's book, Trees In Britain, by S.R.Badmin, Puffin Picture Books. Amazon drawings based on Greek vase paintings. 


Amazons, Egypt, Liza Cowan/CowanDesignAmazons, Let's Go Make Mother Earth Safe For All. Made on Sept. 12th,  just after the news of the troubles in Cairo and Libya. Safety for all beings on the planet.


Amazons allonsy y day oneAmazons Allons-Y.  CowanDesign

You can follow the Amazons on Flickr  

Canadian Clouds

 Canadian cornfield, big fluffy clouds, harvest, rt 135, photo liza cowan
Clouds Over The Field, Canada. Liza Cowan photo

Driving home from Montreal yesterday afternoon just after a rain. The clouds were so pretty, the cornfields so autumnal, and the light so perfect, I had to stop and snap a few pics. South of Montreal, north of Vermont, on Rt.133.

 Candian clouds, big clouds, puffy clouds, truck on road, photo liza cowan
Truck, Field, Clouds, Canada. Liza Cowan photo

 Silos, canada, harvest, hay wagon, puffy clouds, sunlight reflection, farm buildings photo liza cowan
Silos, Clouds, Canada. Photo Liza Cowan.

W. David Powell

One of my favorite artists, W. David Powell, is now showing at Pine Street Art Works. David and I share a love of vernacular images, scientific and advertising ephemera, and new ways to look at and incorporate cultural detritus in new art.

David Powell, Hail to the hybrid, art print, collage,  

W. David Powell, Hail To The Hybrid, used by permission of the artist.

D. Powell Machine For Manufacturing Beauty, digital print, collage 

W. David Powell. Machine For Manufacturing Beauty. Used by permission of the artist

Most of the pieces in the show "were constructed in Photoshop from diverse source materials that range from Anton Mesmer's noteboooks, Maxwell's electrical diagrams to phrenological, physiological and geological texts. Numerous other books as well as images from contemporary medical imagers technology provide further material for creating combinations that invite new interpretation and analysis. The use of digital montage has become my primary medium for art making, though I sometimes use old cut-and-paste methodology along with traditional drawing and painting tools. The beauty of the digital medium for me is that it can become just another tool in my art kit. It does not necessarily replace traditional media, it just augments them." W. David Powell.

w david powell, collage, digital print, loudspeaker, ladder, curiosities  

W. David Powell, Broadcasting Democracy. Used by permission of the artist.


Some of these artists I've already posted about, some not. I'm so excited about the lineup of shows at PSAW. Even though times are tough, and businesses are tumbling like dominoes in an earthquake, we here at Pine Street Art Works (and Atelier Tove) are determined to keep going and thriving.


Tim Matson photo of Pilobolus. Dance called Untitled.copyright 1978. Used by permission of the artist.

The dance troupe Pilobolous began in 1970 at Dartmouth College. Tim Matson began photographing them early in their career, and, in conjunction with a Pilobolus April 11th performance at Burlington's Flynn Theater, PSAW will exhibit a dozen or so of Matson's original prints. Matson's book of Photographs, Pilobolus, was published by Random House in1978 and is still available through used book dealers.


Plattsburgh NY/ Burlington VT artist/educator David Powell will show his collages and prints at a date to be announced. I've been a fan of David's for a few years. He had a show last year at Burlington's Fleming Museum which was super.


Into the Future. David Powell. Copyright 2000. Digital print mounted on Wood Panel. Used by permission


Aline has been winning awards and grants left and right, and I'm happy to say I knew her when. She will be exhibiting here in August.


Aline Smithson. Arrangement in Green and Black. Portrait Of The Photographer's Mother. Copyright Aline Smithson. Used by Permission


I've blogged a lot about TMNK, but here's another image and a reminder that this amazing NYC street artist will be here on Sept 11th for the Burlington South End Art Hop. 


TMNK-The Me Nobody Knows. Copyright 2009. Used by Permission.



How To Read The Hand. Copyright Carol Golomboski. Used by Permission

"Psychometry is a series of black and white photographs exploring issues relating to anxiety, loss, and existential doubt. The term refers to the pseudo-science of "object reading," the purported psychic ability to divine the history of objects through physical contact. Like amateur psychometrists, viewers are invited to interpret arrangements of tarnished and weathered objects, relying on the talismanic powers inherent in the vestiges of human presence. These images suggest a world in which ordinary belongings transcend their material nature to evoke the elusive presence of the past. 


Copyright Carol Golomboski. Used by Permission

Through an examination of fortune-telling and clairvoyance, many of the images confront the desperate human desire to know the unknowable, historically referencing the Victorian interest in spiritualism as well as the look of the nineteenth century photographic image. Illegible text and arcane symbols in pictures with themes like palm reading, tea leaf reading, and numerology force the viewer to consider man's insatiable need to anticipate his own fate.

The concept behind each picture dictates its darkroom manipulation, sometimes requiring research and revisions that last weeks or months. Combining photography with drawing, seamlessly incorporating photograms, integrating appropriated text, and scratching the emulsion of the negative create images where horror, history, and psychology occupy the same imaginative locale." Carol Golomboski from Photo Eye Gallery